The begining

One of the first things that started getting my attention is the realization that unhappiness and boredom is striking a lot of people  and that including myself . At some point in my life i was very motivated and highly interested in becoming successful as it is being described in the world of today . However , i realized that the more i was chasing success the unhappier i get . i used to smile a lot , jokes , take it easy and be pretty much laid back but all of those things have disappeared and that without even realizing it. It has not been a matter of hours or days but it has been over months or even years . I was just too busy focusing on chasing success that i forgot to care about my well-being , my inner peace and my happiness. As a result, it ended in me becoming a totally different person to the point where i do no even recognize myself. I was irritated all the time, always worrying and being under constant stress and even the things i used to like were not giving me any pleasures as such , in other words i was depressed and i did not even realize it. From there i started asking questions about what is the purpose of my life and what it meant to me ,also what i am going to do about it . Those made me re-evaluate everything i was doing and start to make changes and fortunately , i found that my love for writing was still there and i started writing random thoughts in notebooks and on every little piece of paper i could find . Eventually , that helped me to express how i was feeling and get rid of all those frustrations which had been built up over the years. Of course its a long process and its still ongoing but i am determined to let it all out and set a new path for my life and also i think that i am not alone , so i will be writing here and hoping to meet people who are going through the same struggle ,so we can maybe share ideas and thoughts .
So if you are captured by this , please leave a comment , i will be writing other stuffs later…as i feel like because i normally just go with the flow . I don’t have a particular time to write but instead i write whenever i feel like.



  1. Sometimes when we get something that we were chasing we still feel vacuum as they say journey is more beautiful than the destination! Happiness is an inner thing, world of materials can’t buy us that! You write well👍

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