In my opinion love is one of the easiest feeling ever , or at least it should be , but looking around me it is not the case , Love is a feeling that flows naturally through us , it is not hard to love . Of course there are different types of love and different levels of  loving but love is love , it’s a feeling-good factor , it’s ámazing and it surely make us feel good . Nonetheless , love has been causing trouble all around , it has become a destructive power , it is causing damage everywhere . How can such a beautiful feeling turn into such a miserable feeling , and more importantly when did this happen and why ? I dont have the answers to that sorry but i wanted to bring the attention to that  . I think once we have been in love we know what i am talking about and if someone has ever been in love he/she will know that you cannot fall out of love . Look , if you are loving without accepting anything in return then you cannot unlove , but you can fall in love with someone else , in a different way . Moreover i think that if we are in love and that the love is not mutual , that doesn’t mean that we should stop loving , for once we have taught the heart to stop loving , well the brain will simply lock on that in order to prevent future heart break . For the sake of the feeling , for the sake of feeling good and for the sake of being human , embrace love and spread the feeling….
Let it flow….



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