The need to reconnect with your birth status..

If we look around , you will see there is a lot of bad things happening . We live mostly by what the media feeds us because we have been brought to believe that what they show must be true . Our perception is most of the times based on one side of the story and on the angle projected by the broadcasting media. It should be noted that nowadays the more tragic , the better the sales because let’s face it , as humans we like to know that someone  somewhere is having a worse day than we are and this somehow makes us feel good because we know that we are not the worse and we could be in a worse situation. But , without a doubt , this is a wrong perception because for us to feel good we definitely do not need to be comparing to others in order to feel better .

Have you realized that the more images of destruction you see, the more images of sufferings you are exposed to , the more of histories of hatred you hear , it gets you more sad and angry ? Well this is quite a normal phenomenon but in the long run it will wear you out if it hasn’t already . And what i am proposing is that you disconnect for some time at least and you reconnect with yourself . For sure we think that we need to know what is happening in the world but ask yourself why do you want to know so much ? Is it because you want to help , or is it because you don’t want to feel left out ? I am pretty sure it is because of our curiosity . Well i think that even your curiosity should have a limit and you should know your limits .

I challenge you to shut down all your social media, your tv , and radio or about a week and instead read a good book or go for walks and meet your friends and family or pure and simply spend time on your own. I can promise you the results will be astonishing , give it a try and get back at me . And in case you are wondering , yes i have have been there and done that. And i call it the return to my birth status , because the goal of this is to get back some of that innocence i lost , to care more but to care for what i can change and to stop letting negativity get to me , so i can spread more of positive vibes .



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