Month: December 2015

Rodrigues is the place to be if you want some peace of mind..

Are you wondering what i am talking about? Well, Rodrigues is an island which part of the Republic of Mauritius. It is about 350 miles east of Mauritius with an are of 42 square miles. The population is about 41 000 and it became autonomous in 2002. Geographically it is of volcanic origin like the other mascarene islands.That’s the piece of rock where i was born. 

For everyone who has been there i am sure they will tell you that they want to go back. Hell I can’t stay away from it. This is truly a place where people are still in touch with nature,with the roots, with humanity if i may say.If you meet anyone in the streets,obviously you will get a greeting, a wave, a handshake. People still care for eachother,help eachother and look out for one another.

The kids still play outside in nature using their imagination. While you will be driving around it is without a doubt and to much surprise probably that you will see a cow, a pig or sheep crossing the road. Yes, that’s how it is even though it is dangerous to traffic.

Well people are just really laid back there and chill. As soon as you will step out of the Atr-72 which will land at Sir Gaetan Duval Airport,your first air you breathe in will definitely calm you down and as you exhale,so will the stress or worries that you carried with you. Life on the island is quiet and peaceful, the landscape is one of a kind,ranging from hills to beaches,volcanic rocks to coral rocks. There is a lot of trees which make the island look green but that is a bit seasonal because during summer the island can be a bit dry due to lack of rainfall but nonetheless the beauty never fades. 

This is where i will stop for today , will continue tomorrow on the chronicles of  Rodrigues the place for peace of mind , so stay tuned…


Screw the norms

Well, my point is we have the tendancy to put barriers all around us and that because society has a set of rules to tell us what to do and when to do it. Looking around I can’t stop myself from questioning these rules because the world is in a total chaos. Obviously the rules are not working then.

Growing up on an island,i am surrounded by sea and coral reefs. I already have two natural barriers separating me from the rest of the world. It is both a blessing and a curse. Blessings coz we are quite isolated from a lot of shit going on around but at same time curse coz it limits us too.

So for me i choose to question everything, every rule and every principle. The reason is i want to find out how good those are to me.

As a result I concluded,screw a the rules, live the life, live your life the way you want to. Do no harm and spread positive vibes.

Just like the french would say: 

“C’est la vie “


Fear can be good and bad. It can make us do amazing things but it can also stop us from reaching our potential. It’s a matter of when and where that makes the difference..

Fear not the dead,for evil are the living.

Fear no darkness because is part of us, that’s why our shadow follow us. 

 Do not let fear take control or else you will be broken.

Be afraid when your life is in danger,

And let the ranger come out.

Be scared to be impaired so that you can become prepared.

Fear or no fear, it’s simple switch, A second to be hero or a witch.

I let you pick

The art of living

If you are wondering why I refer to living as an art, then let me explain:

See,to me living is one of th most amazing thing anybody will ever get to do.

Living is the most wonderful adventure we get to ride on.

Living is the greatest gift of all.

Living is different for each and everyone of us. Life does not have the same meaning for all. We may have things in common like doing the same job, living on the same street, having the same friends or having same taste. Yet we all have different purpose, different goals, different personality. 

So, we should all be creating a different story, the story of our lives, filled with our own experience,our own lessons, our unique discoveries. 

Living is amazing,discovering,creating and enjoying

Living is not copying,stressing,bullying, or hating.

Living is an art, so be the artist 

Let’s chill

One of my favorite way to chill on any day of the week is definitely by hanging out at the beach. It’s definitely one of the benefits of living in a tropical island. It’s almost like you always have one foot at the beach.
Of course, not everyone has the time to enjoy it but no matter when you decide to go, the beach will be right there waiting for you.The sandy beaches and the sound of the waves have a calming effect on you and that is the major reason to go there. You can just lay on the beach in the shade of a tree and let the breeze caress your body. 

Once i reach the beach, i would walk around trying to find a remote place a bit away from other people and settle there. Normally I would have a cold drink,just to cool the body as the sun is always shinning and it can be hot at times.

In order to really enjoy the beach you should perhaps spend a little time looking for the perfect spot. The island is surrounded by beaches and no matter where you live,there is somehow a beach nearby. For me i live in the north and i usually go to beaches on northern coast because i would rather spend time chilling in the sand rather than in traffic.​

As I was feeling a bit in the mood I decided to build myself a sand castle just for the sake of old times, taking a walk into my childhood days when I used to be at the beach every afternoon, provided I finished my homework.

Then I went into the warm water for a swim and damn that was refreshing. The small waves hitting against me,at times hitting my eyes and making em burn,but it was worth every minute spent.

As I had enough I head home,have a shower and enjoy a cup of tea.That was a time well spent relaxing island style.



My loyalty goes to originality not to copy,

My loyalty is for truth not lies,

My loyalty goes to respect not to bully,

My loyalty will be where i am happy.

You see, being loyal isn’t hard,

All you have to do is not to be a retard.

Open your eyes and see through the lies,

Let your heart feel the love and not the curve.

Be brave to accept the truth rather than be a slave, choosing to wait for proof.

It’s right there homie, right infront of you so what would you do ?

Being loyal doesn’t mean you’re royal but certainly will make you equal.

A letter to Santa 

Dear Santa ,

This year i was ready to ask you to make me a billionaire, but instead i decided to ask for something else. First , let me say thank you for all the wonderful Christmas i have had before , and all the wonderful people i have in my life, very often i used to overlook all my blessings and been complaining about almost everything, so this year i want to say thank you for all the wonderful memories , and all the joy you bring for Christmas. 
Now i will ask for something but not for me , i want you to bring that same joy to all the children around the world who are in a war zone , to all the orphans , to all the lonely kids living on the streets , to the children whose parents are too busy working and not spending time with them .

Santa it would be great if you could make it snow everywhere , snow with joy and happiness and let all our leaders heart be filled with your Christmas magic so they take the right decision in ending hunger , poverty and be willing to go for world peace .

Please Santa i know it is bit too much asking but wouldn’t it be wonderful if for a moment we were all celebrating , and be happy . The thought of others being in pain while we are celebrating is not rejoicing at all and goes against the Christmas spirit .
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year so please Santa , all i want is a little bit of joy everywhere …

I hope my letter reach you on time 


Follow your guts

More often that you would recall, you will be faced with choices , some more important than others but they all matter. Because it is through those moments of choice,that your true character will show . That is the moment where the real you will come out. You may be getting a lot of influence from many people but at the end of the day , it is what you trully want that will prevail. Sometimes, you want things but you don’t know how bad until you are faced with choices and it is at this instant that you should follow your guts.
If you are wondering or scared to disappoint , well put it to a test and try recall a moment when you were in need to see who was there for you. Surprisingly you may realise that the people you are scared of disappointing were not there. So make it a habit of relying on yourself and follow your guts for in tough times , it may be just you standing against the wall . Just stop giving importance to people who don’t really matter to you . 


  Decisions are made by instinct,it is our habits that create our instincts 


I have many reasons why I should give up,but i choose to have hope and keep going. Perhaps i am naïve but that’s something i will deal with and I accept. 
Looking at how nature does its job every single day even though mankind is doing everything he can to destroy it, is to me a great inspiration and motivation. I mean for me, i feel extremely lucky to be able to experience sunrise and sunset every single day because i live by the seaside.
No matter what day it is,or how the weather may be,the sun never fails to rise. Obviously there are days that it’s rays are being blocked but it shines nonetheless.

There are days it’s raining still the sun shines.
How can i not choose to rise and shine after looking at this? After experiencing such a wonderful sunset,with it’s rays glowing over the calm sea, even the blue ocean appears orange. Like it’s telling me, rise my boy and keep spreading your light,there are says when things will hide your beauty but on other days you will get to be splendid.
So yeah, I choose to be hopeful waiting for that magnificent picture just like the one of this glamorous sunset.

December , the month to be grateful


December is my favorite month of the year and i bet it is the same for many other people too. The reason behind this , is probably because December is the last month of the year and we all like to have a good finish in every race we start , even though the year is not a race but a good ending is always what we aim for. My point being that December also gives us that opportunity to give a good touch to our year no matter how bad it may have been. The festive atmosphere that goes in December is just amazing , it lifts up spirit and bring some joy to people . Everywhere you go you will see the streets , the shops and houses all light up and the different colors just light up our life and spirit. Normally , in December everyone is more relaxed and usually more polite .It is hard to explain but you will notice that when reaching that time of the year , everyone will tend to be more soft and nice to one another  and this makes your time at work, at home , in the subway , in the streets more enjoyable . It is a good month to start new things because of all the love and all the good vibes , will get you less stressed and you will be more focused , consequently it is easier to start new projects . There are more of other reasons to be grateful for December but i don’t want to bore you , i just wanted to give you a little taste of it and now that you feel in the vibe, go and start on that thing that you always wanted , go do your new project and start something new or simply go spread some good vibes …
Much love to you and hope you keep reading my posts ..