December , the month to be grateful


December is my favorite month of the year and i bet it is the same for many other people too. The reason behind this , is probably because December is the last month of the year and we all like to have a good finish in every race we start , even though the year is not a race but a good ending is always what we aim for. My point being that December also gives us that opportunity to give a good touch to our year no matter how bad it may have been. The festive atmosphere that goes in December is just amazing , it lifts up spirit and bring some joy to people . Everywhere you go you will see the streets , the shops and houses all light up and the different colors just light up our life and spirit. Normally , in December everyone is more relaxed and usually more polite .It is hard to explain but you will notice that when reaching that time of the year , everyone will tend to be more soft and nice to one another  and this makes your time at work, at home , in the subway , in the streets more enjoyable . It is a good month to start new things because of all the love and all the good vibes , will get you less stressed and you will be more focused , consequently it is easier to start new projects . There are more of other reasons to be grateful for December but i don’t want to bore you , i just wanted to give you a little taste of it and now that you feel in the vibe, go and start on that thing that you always wanted , go do your new project and start something new or simply go spread some good vibes …
Much love to you and hope you keep reading my posts ..


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