I have many reasons why I should give up,but i choose to have hope and keep going. Perhaps i am naïve but that’s something i will deal with and I accept. 
Looking at how nature does its job every single day even though mankind is doing everything he can to destroy it, is to me a great inspiration and motivation. I mean for me, i feel extremely lucky to be able to experience sunrise and sunset every single day because i live by the seaside.
No matter what day it is,or how the weather may be,the sun never fails to rise. Obviously there are days that it’s rays are being blocked but it shines nonetheless.

There are days it’s raining still the sun shines.
How can i not choose to rise and shine after looking at this? After experiencing such a wonderful sunset,with it’s rays glowing over the calm sea, even the blue ocean appears orange. Like it’s telling me, rise my boy and keep spreading your light,there are says when things will hide your beauty but on other days you will get to be splendid.
So yeah, I choose to be hopeful waiting for that magnificent picture just like the one of this glamorous sunset.



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