A letter to Santa 

Dear Santa ,

This year i was ready to ask you to make me a billionaire, but instead i decided to ask for something else. First , let me say thank you for all the wonderful Christmas i have had before , and all the wonderful people i have in my life, very often i used to overlook all my blessings and been complaining about almost everything, so this year i want to say thank you for all the wonderful memories , and all the joy you bring for Christmas. 
Now i will ask for something but not for me , i want you to bring that same joy to all the children around the world who are in a war zone , to all the orphans , to all the lonely kids living on the streets , to the children whose parents are too busy working and not spending time with them .

Santa it would be great if you could make it snow everywhere , snow with joy and happiness and let all our leaders heart be filled with your Christmas magic so they take the right decision in ending hunger , poverty and be willing to go for world peace .

Please Santa i know it is bit too much asking but wouldn’t it be wonderful if for a moment we were all celebrating , and be happy . The thought of others being in pain while we are celebrating is not rejoicing at all and goes against the Christmas spirit .
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year so please Santa , all i want is a little bit of joy everywhere …

I hope my letter reach you on time 



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