Let’s chill

One of my favorite way to chill on any day of the week is definitely by hanging out at the beach. It’s definitely one of the benefits of living in a tropical island. It’s almost like you always have one foot at the beach.
Of course, not everyone has the time to enjoy it but no matter when you decide to go, the beach will be right there waiting for you.The sandy beaches and the sound of the waves have a calming effect on you and that is the major reason to go there. You can just lay on the beach in the shade of a tree and let the breeze caress your body. 

Once i reach the beach, i would walk around trying to find a remote place a bit away from other people and settle there. Normally I would have a cold drink,just to cool the body as the sun is always shinning and it can be hot at times.

In order to really enjoy the beach you should perhaps spend a little time looking for the perfect spot. The island is surrounded by beaches and no matter where you live,there is somehow a beach nearby. For me i live in the north and i usually go to beaches on northern coast because i would rather spend time chilling in the sand rather than in traffic.​

As I was feeling a bit in the mood I decided to build myself a sand castle just for the sake of old times, taking a walk into my childhood days when I used to be at the beach every afternoon, provided I finished my homework.

Then I went into the warm water for a swim and damn that was refreshing. The small waves hitting against me,at times hitting my eyes and making em burn,but it was worth every minute spent.

As I had enough I head home,have a shower and enjoy a cup of tea.That was a time well spent relaxing island style.




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