Month: January 2016

The real place where love exist

We should know this for a fact that love is one of the greatest feelings of all. It goes beyond description and is very hard to explain but we know when we feel it. A lot of times we get confused with a sense of satisfaction or pleasure and think its love. The difference between love and the rest is that the true real love lasts and goes all the way. It will accept you for who you are, it will embrace your flaws and will stand by you at all times even in the darkest hours. The minute we get deviated from that and accept anything less, we start looking fo love in all sorts of places, and we end up doing drugs or some other stuff which alters our consciousness and perception leading to a place that never exist. Love is true, it’s real and it’s an everyday 24/7 feeling. So look deep down yourself and you will find what true love means, that unbroken bond will instantly rise the moment you start loving yourself for who you are because nobody knows you better than you. Once you accept and live that, there is no going back.

Stop looking for love in the wrong places.

Much love !


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Our need for comfort 

We look for comfort everywhere because we need to know that we are not alone. Mostly Everything works in pairs, they may not be similar but they go along.Sometimes even they are completely opposite and yet they find a way to interact. You see, humans before birth live an average of 9 months in the mothers wombs, safe, worry-free and unconsciously the brain knows that good feeling. So once we step out we keep on looking for that, especially if we are at our lowest. This is natural and we all go through it, because when it’s all done and said, we want to know that we have a safe haven to go to. It can be a friend, a lover, a home, a pet or whatsoever. Don’t jump to conclusions that you are a needy person because it’s a natural condition to look for comfort since as much as we grow out of our comfort zone, that safe haven plays even a more important role to make us willing to step out of that zone. It’s all about feeling good !

Peace !

Much love,


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Perception of truth

Truth is sometimes controversial because it depends on what we choose to see. Sometimes it’s so obvious right infront of our eyes but somehow we choose to believe something else. So,what we call truth can change from one individual to another because of our perceptions and what we are seeing. We cannot judge because we look at things differently and we cannot say that our way is better from another as we are not walking in that person’s shoes at that instant. We only way to understand is by giving room for expression and accepting that there are many shades to each situation. We are different, unique and walking a chosen path. Our roads to light or success or whatever you may call it, are all one of a kind. Even if you mimic someone else you will never be 100 percent same since you will not be able to copy what the person was feeling at that instant. Therefore even in copying there is some originality,meaning that there is always room for change and improvement.

That’s food for thought!

Peace !!!

Much love,


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The need to quiet the mind

The mind is probably the busiest place in the whole existence because it never stop working. It works 24/7 from birth till we die. However,often we forget that even the brain needs rest. For sure at such a speed it gets tired and will keep throwing thoughts randomly. Unconsciously we won’t realize it thinking that all is rational and in place. But the moment we quiet the mind we come to realize that it is a place of calmness, beauty and unlimited power. See, the real deal is not to keep the mind as busy as possible, it is more important that we quiet the mind as much as possible,limit the thoughts,improve the quality of thoughts and instantly the whole body will regenerate giving us a blossoming life. What i am talking about is what everybody is looking for and yet don’t know the name. Some call it love, others luck or wealth or power or courage or health and the list goes on but the real name to it is Peace ☮. It is through peaceful mind that we can achieve all those goals we have set to the best of our ability. Take a minute and stop thinking, sink in the moment and see the difference! 


Much love L.A


A message to the lover

Today could be a great day,

It could be the day i find my way,

Will you stay or walk away?

All things are changing 

Feels like my wings are growing,

I hope you dont get scared

And help me get prepared,

For the journey just started

And i hope we get acquainted.

I want to love ,

Just like the dove,I want to fly in the sky,

So will you please stand at ease,

Stay with me and care for me,

For i am weak but with you i feel strong,

Stay and lets grow together.

Poem by L.A