Our need for comfort 

We look for comfort everywhere because we need to know that we are not alone. Mostly Everything works in pairs, they may not be similar but they go along.Sometimes even they are completely opposite and yet they find a way to interact. You see, humans before birth live an average of 9 months in the mothers wombs, safe, worry-free and unconsciously the brain knows that good feeling. So once we step out we keep on looking for that, especially if we are at our lowest. This is natural and we all go through it, because when it’s all done and said, we want to know that we have a safe haven to go to. It can be a friend, a lover, a home, a pet or whatsoever. Don’t jump to conclusions that you are a needy person because it’s a natural condition to look for comfort since as much as we grow out of our comfort zone, that safe haven plays even a more important role to make us willing to step out of that zone. It’s all about feeling good !

Peace !

Much love,


#life #insights #andyology


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