Perception of truth

Truth is sometimes controversial because it depends on what we choose to see. Sometimes it’s so obvious right infront of our eyes but somehow we choose to believe something else. So,what we call truth can change from one individual to another because of our perceptions and what we are seeing. We cannot judge because we look at things differently and we cannot say that our way is better from another as we are not walking in that person’s shoes at that instant. We only way to understand is by giving room for expression and accepting that there are many shades to each situation. We are different, unique and walking a chosen path. Our roads to light or success or whatever you may call it, are all one of a kind. Even if you mimic someone else you will never be 100 percent same since you will not be able to copy what the person was feeling at that instant. Therefore even in copying there is some originality,meaning that there is always room for change and improvement.

That’s food for thought!

Peace !!!

Much love,


#truth #andyology


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