The need to quiet the mind

The mind is probably the busiest place in the whole existence because it never stop working. It works 24/7 from birth till we die. However,often we forget that even the brain needs rest. For sure at such a speed it gets tired and will keep throwing thoughts randomly. Unconsciously we won’t realize it thinking that all is rational and in place. But the moment we quiet the mind we come to realize that it is a place of calmness, beauty and unlimited power. See, the real deal is not to keep the mind as busy as possible, it is more important that we quiet the mind as much as possible,limit the thoughts,improve the quality of thoughts and instantly the whole body will regenerate giving us a blossoming life. What i am talking about is what everybody is looking for and yet don’t know the name. Some call it love, others luck or wealth or power or courage or health and the list goes on but the real name to it is Peace ☮. It is through peaceful mind that we can achieve all those goals we have set to the best of our ability. Take a minute and stop thinking, sink in the moment and see the difference! 


Much love L.A



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