The real place where love exist

We should know this for a fact that love is one of the greatest feelings of all. It goes beyond description and is very hard to explain but we know when we feel it. A lot of times we get confused with a sense of satisfaction or pleasure and think its love. The difference between love and the rest is that the true real love lasts and goes all the way. It will accept you for who you are, it will embrace your flaws and will stand by you at all times even in the darkest hours. The minute we get deviated from that and accept anything less, we start looking fo love in all sorts of places, and we end up doing drugs or some other stuff which alters our consciousness and perception leading to a place that never exist. Love is true, it’s real and it’s an everyday 24/7 feeling. So look deep down yourself and you will find what true love means, that unbroken bond will instantly rise the moment you start loving yourself for who you are because nobody knows you better than you. Once you accept and live that, there is no going back.

Stop looking for love in the wrong places.

Much love !


#life #insights #andyology



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