Month: March 2016

Miracles viewed my way

I have to say that miracles happen everyday and we often call it a twist of faith but what we fail to realize is that miracles happen because we chose to take a decision.

Whether it is to pray or to believe in something we wish to have, it all started the moment you decided.

So if you want to see miracles happening in your life you should start by making the decision to believe in whatever you want so that you give chance for the miracle to unfold.


Remember to be nice

  I have experienced very often through the people i have met that many of us are either arrogant or too proud with a feeling of being untouchable. But it kept me wondering if those people have ever realized that if they are a master today, undoubtedly they were once a beginner and they made mistakes too.
It’s as if they have erased this part of their lives from their memories. Fact is we should always remember that no man is an island, we are all here to connect and interact because somehow there is something to learn from everyone we meet. I don’t know how they see this but that’s how I evolve in life. I am not blaming them or whatever it’s just an opinion from an observation.

Everyone has the right to do as he/she feels right for herself/himself. Long story short, all i want to say is no one is indispensable and as much as we can go up, we can also go down.

So find time to be nice and remember to be kind !

My definition of age

To me age is something related to feelings rather than the state of the body measured with time.

I am the age i feel, meaning that i can be 5 years old because i feel so and after few minutes i can be 80 years old because the situation requires me to be. I feel trapped to identify myself to time because I consider myself as limitless and time as no real effect on me. 

So i rather enjoy the travel in time as that way life is more interesting and pleasant.

That’s just me, how do you feel ?

Let it be..

  The best words that i woke up with today and yet so small but so deep, let it all be because everything is okay, all is well. We are in that place where we exactly need to be and it’s a work in progress. This life is just amazing with all it brings us every single day at every moment. Why bother to worry and think too much !
Let the love flow, even you don’t feel it just let it get to you, stop looking, it’s already there and once you start going out there looking for it you change your destination and it will take longer to find you. Stay still and chill and let it all be, let it come to you and just be there coz you are in the exact place where it’s meant to be delivered.

 L.A Alain