Beauty a direct measure of our desires.

Have you ever realized that the moment you start to want something, that object or whatever it is instantly appears more beautiful to you.

Sometimes that same thing might have been in your procession but you never paid attention to it and for some reason you thought of it and want it again. From that instant you cannot get it out of your mind. 

It happened to me lately, there’s this pick up truck i used to see everyday and never paid attention to it. But then i have decided that i want a pick up truck. It’s a ford actually, normally i like Japanese but from the moment i wanted the Ford , it became the most beautiful truck ever and I cannot keep my thoughts or eyes off it.

I find it very interesting how our perception can change the way we see things. Afterall it only make me realize that beauty is all about perspective and this means that everything is beautiful without a doubt.



  1. Interesting topic. I’m not sure. I probably need to give this some thought. I rarely want anything other than food and love and only one of these is tangible and absolutely vital to survival. I would like many things but rarely am I besotted or desperate to own an item or object. Having said that, I can quite easily talk myself out of wanting something by obsessing over it to the point where I realise that my want is greater than my need.

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    1. Ha the part of talking oneself out i am good at that too. I do not obsesse over things either but i just realized once i pay more attention to it, i find it more beautiful than before or if i want it it’s more beautiful than when i do not want it. Btw food is just hmmm i love good food haha

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