Month: August 2016

Just because worrying is not the solution.

Things beyond our control can only be resolved by having faith in the greater good and believing that everything is going to be alright. Instead of worrying, choose to believe in miracles because worries don’t solve anything but believing in good can bring you good. 



Greetings awesome people!

When i say forgiveness, who first come to your mind? Wait let me guess, I’m sure you’re thinking about the person who hurt you badly right. Well not wrong but one thing you must know and we all forget that first and foremost we must learn to forgive ourselves, one for all the people we hurt and also for all the times we let ourselves get hurt. You see the evil outside can’t do you no harm if there is no evil inside. So take some time to forgive yourself and cure your evils.

Remember though that forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting so don’t go right back into the devils’ nest again. Learn your lesson and move on.
With love,


Express yourself 

Very often we get hurt emotionally and we do not know how to deal with it. However when left on their own, emotional wounds can aggravate and this affect our whole being since our emotions are not balanced and they sometimes overload all over the place leading to chaos in our lives as well as those close to us. One good way to deal with emotional hurts is through creativity, it can be writing, singing, drawing or anything that gets your mind off and lets you express your. Pour your feelings into your creations and empty yourself of all the negativity.

With love,


Careful what you wish for.

A lot of times we wish things when we are angry or upset and in these times we often wish bad things but little you know is that during such times, emotions run high so you do not really want it so it can all come true and then you will ask why is that happening to you. Remember, the Newtons third law says that an action will generate an equal and opposite reaction. Law of attraction is real people so be wise and think wish. Input positive thoughts to get positive outcomes. Have a great day or night. I’m hanging out at the beach nurturing some positive vibes.

With love,