Kindness is sexy.

I don’t know if you have realised it or not, well anyway if you haven’t, let me tell you this.

Kindness is sexy, perhaps you may have heard some say that being kind is a weakness. I can guarantee you that it’s not. Yes, there are people who will want to take advantage of that but hey you are not being kind coz of them right. You do it because it makes you feel awesome. So feel awesome and let them feel awesome too thinking they fool you. At the end of the day it’s double win for you since you made two persons happy.

Oh yeah, think about it how nice it is to meet someone kind. So imagine others reaction when the other person is meeting the kind you. Ha, see where the appeal is.

Say no more, choice is yours. As for me you know where i stand! 

Oh boy!! I feel so sexy !! 

Love you all,



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