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  1. Hi Andy…thank you for following my blog. Looking at a couple of your “andyologies” it is easy to see that you’re a deep thinker. When I pray, and the Holy Spirit touches my heart, the most creative ideas I could NEVER have imagined on my own come about. Do any of your poems or essays talk about the God-connection to creativity?

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    1. Hi, happy to connect. I have a few of those in my book. It may not look like it but when you have a second look you understand. I love enhancing thinking in others. And yes all my work is work of God, he gives me the strength and inspiration to write those.


      1. Thank you for responding. I’m right there with you…feeling the joy when folks start thinking for themselves. It breaks my heart to see people in the streets fighting and “following” people who are not leaders of honesty and integrity. I will find your book and read it. Hope you can take a look at mine, too, as the LORD inspired it specifically for writers. FIREPROOF PROVERBS, A Writer’s Study of Words. Be greatly blessed, young man!

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      2. My pleasure, i will look for yours too. We hope that everyone walk their path towards light and do not let dogma blind the truth. But unfortunately it happens and that is why i will be there to drop in writings words that will nourish the thinking.
        Stay blessed my friend.


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