Let’s laugh.

Greetings loved ones,

When was the last time you laughed till your jaws hurt or you teared up? We all know that after a good laughter somehow we just feel much better about everything. Yes, it’s true, the more you laugh the better you feel. Ofcourse it doesn’t solve the problems but it makes you feel better about yourself. So when you feel better your perspectives change and it shows you new ways of dealing with whatever you have on your plate. So my advice for you today is to have a conversation with someone who makes you laugh or watch something funny.

You tell me about it later.

With love,




  1. Definitely. This relates to one of the posts I wrote on smiling and laughing 🙂 It’s just fascinating how this simple act makes us feel good inside out!
    Simple reminders like these really make the day. Thanks for sharing!

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