Month: January 2017

I can’t make you love me.


I am sorry, i can’t make you love me when you don’t. I may do everything to please you, give you everything i have, i may even sell my soul for you but still you will not love me if you don’t. I have gone through this a million times and i end up in the same place, that lonely station where i am just with myself standing in a large field of despair, longing for you to appear in the mist just to tell me that it’s all okay.

I finally understood that all the pain that i am putting myself in, will never even catch a glimpse of your heart. So i just gave up on you and focused on me because, i know that i will always be there for me. I did not stop loving you but i searched for you in me and i love me instead. I am loving myself so hard that i will do anything for me. That is why i let go of you because it was chocking me and holding me back.

Now that i am free from all this, the tables have turned and i feel like the poker player with a good hand of cards, i do not have a poker face on but still i am taking the chance on me, win or lose i know i can only win.


Andyology vibes.

image source: Google.