Month: February 2017


It should always be..Choice is yours.


Feb 6

Time and circumstances may have broken you. Love may have hurt you and all those may have made you fall into several pieces. The thing is there can’t be more than one of you. Broken pieces will keep moving away and you will be drifting apart from your true self thus making it harder for you to attain your true potential.Reconcile with all those broken pieces and be one again because it is in this oneness that you will find everything you need to do whatever you want. There won’t be any conflict or confusion.

Strength is unity.

Remember your body is made up of billions of unit cells working together as one. Whenever they don’t synchronize you fall sick. So take all the pieces and put back together, may there be no living in the past or worries of the future but only cherishing the now.

Get yourself back to wholeness.



Feb 4

At all times in whatever state you may be, whatever you may be thinking, whatever plan you may be making. Make it your missing to be in a state of love, to think about love and to act out of love.I love you!