To make a living versus to live.

One of the primary our primary goal nowadays is to make a living, which means to find a job and build a career and earn a decent salary so we can live. It is the direct impact of us living in a totally material and capitalist world. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with that provided we are satisfied with what we are doing and we live comfortable. That is we are able to satisfy our basic needs and some of our endless wants, which will translate into some kind of happiness for most of us.

However, what i have a problem getting along with, is the fact that people are so much focus on building a career and making money that they forget the basics of living. Yes, there is a difference in those two. Being alive only doesn’t define living, if we are not having enough time to be at ease and at peace. Money is a great thing,very true, without it we would hardly survive in this world because nobody will come along to hand u a stash of cash for free.

My point is, as much as it is important to make a living, it is even more important to live while doing so. It’s not about being busy or having to work too much because we cannot meet the ends but it is about making the most of our existence. In my opinion, a person should have time to rest, have time to think, be able to spend  time with your family or loved ones and most importantly, have time with oneself. Get to know oneself and feel comfortable with ourselves and own company.

So, do not spend all of your time chasing money, only to find out that you are now reaching your retirement and you realize, you are divorced, your kids hate you because you were not there for them and you are alone in an empty house. Only then you are going to take your lump sum to go on a cruise or that vacation which you planned twenty years ago. Take a breather, find time to do little things that will keep you going daily and also love.

Time doesn’t wait and nothing around you will wait for you to be free, instead you have to free yourself so that you can do what matters the most. Do not sacrifice your life at the expense of making a living because at the end of the journey, you will not be remembered for your title or position or how much money you made because your position would have been filled, you money will not bring time back.

Spend time and make memories which will last forever and that is far much more important than making a living.

Life is all about memories, not a title.


Laval Andy Alain




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