The human race

The human race has to stop blaming one another for all the things happening and start realizing that everything that is happening is because of us, because of our actions. Certainly it is easier to put the blame on someone else rather than accepting our flaws. The pollution is coz of us when we throw that plastic bag out in nature. We want peace in the world but we are full of hate ourselves, we blame all sort of things but yet we refuse to take actions. Remember that the human race is not others, its YOU man race so it implies you. Stop blaming him or her. Instead start embracing your role for it is more important and significant that you think. A change in you have a great impact on others and can incite a chain reaction, this goes both in the good and bad ways and it’s simply a matter of choice. You, me, us, we are the humans and its not just the others. The sooner you realize that’s and the sooner you believe it, the faster you will see the change you believe in and instead of waiting on others to do it, you’ll simply do it yourself.

Much love,



To my undiscovered lover

To those lips i never kissed and the hands i never heldHow can i miss you so much when I don’t even know your touch

Why do i longer for you when we have never met

I keep wondering where this connection happened, if not physical it must be spiritual

We must have met in the stars yet having no memory of it. Oh my midnight lover i wish i could remember your face so that i could recognize you through the crowd

I hope we get reconnected again if not here i am sure to see you again in my dreams

But wait, am not even awake yet…

Where am i ? 

Midnight lover guide me, help me find my way to you


The good bye



Make me feel