To make a living versus to live.

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One of the primary our primary goal nowadays is to make a living, which means to find a job and build a career and earn a decent salary so we can live. It is the direct impact of us living in a totally material and capitalist world. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with that provided we are satisfied with what we are doing and we live comfortable. That is we are able to satisfy our basic needs and some of our endless wants, which will translate into some kind of happiness for most of us.

However, what i have a problem getting along with, is the fact that people are so much focus on building a career and making money that they forget the basics of living. Yes, there is a difference in those two. Being alive only doesn’t define living, if we are not having enough time…

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Insights of Hope.

A lot of times i have heard people calling each other stupid because the other happens to have hope and this got me thinking. Why such a reaction? I have come to the conclusion that perhaps people are afraid of hoping because they are afraid of disappointments. They like to play it safe and do not wish to have their spirit crushed by not getting what they hoped for.

On the other hand, isn’t it just a way of holding ourselves back ? I believe it is, because if you do not have hopes, it is very hard to move forward. Expectations are what drives us to progress. You want something, you work for it then you hope it happens as reward of what you have worked for. But if we do not have hope then what are we working for ? We are just being stagnant and waiting to be carried in whichever direction the wind blows.

If we are to live such a life, we will certainly not get anywhere for ourselves, instead we will he getting to other people’s destination and be part of someone else’s hope. There is nothing wrong in playing a role in another person’s achievement, it is great and very noble to give a helping hand but one the other hand, from time to time we should have hopes of our own and let others be part of it.

That way we both get to be on both sides of the equation and it will be more balanced rather than being one sided at all times. What i am trying to say is do not hold back on your hopes just because of fear or simply to avoid being disappointed. You have to put yourself out there, sometimes it will work out good and other times not so good. Either way keep going and keep hoping for without hope we are definitely setting ourselves for the best disappointment that can be, which is letting ourselves down.




Laval Andy Alain

More than just a kiss.

There she was, mesmerized by the soft touch of his lips on hers. It was unexpected but it was certainly the turn of events she had been dreaming of.

She was Caught by surprise because she didn’t know her dreams would materialize.
The caress of his fast breaths on her skin felt like the first fall of snow flakes. Cold and soft yet refreshing.
There was a moment of endless silence as time stood still, the seconds were prolonged into eternity. But deep inside feelings were boiling vigorously as magma on the verge of eruption.
All she could do was close her eyes and let herself be carried away into the depts of her deeply buried desires which she had been trying to hide and yet had been raging to emerge at the first chance. Thats was it..
Surely a moment to be remembered..
A kiss is never just a kiss..
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Written by L.A Alain.