Rodrigues, my forever love .

Rodrigues is the place to be if you want some peace of mind..

Are you wondering what i am talking about? Well, Rodrigues is an island which part of the Republic of Mauritius. It is about 350 miles east of Mauritius with an are of 42 square miles. The population is about 41 000 and it became autonomous in 2002. Geographically it is of volcanic origin like the other mascarene islands.That’s the piece of rock where i was born. 

For everyone who has been there i am sure they will tell you that they want to go back. Hell I can’t stay away from it. This is truly a place where people are still in touch with nature,with the roots, with humanity if i may say.If you meet anyone in the streets,obviously you will get a greeting, a wave, a handshake. People still care for eachother,help eachother and look out for one another.

The kids still play outside in nature using their imagination. While you will be driving around it is without a doubt and to much surprise probably that you will see a cow, a pig or sheep crossing the road. Yes, that’s how it is even though it is dangerous to traffic.

Well people are just really laid back there and chill. As soon as you will step out of the Atr-72 which will land at Sir Gaetan Duval Airport,your first air you breathe in will definitely calm you down and as you exhale,so will the stress or worries that you carried with you. Life on the island is quiet and peaceful, the landscape is one of a kind,ranging from hills to beaches,volcanic rocks to coral rocks. There is a lot of trees which make the island look green but that is a bit seasonal because during summer the island can be a bit dry due to lack of rainfall but nonetheless the beauty never fades. 

This is where i will stop for today , will continue tomorrow on the chronicles of  Rodrigues the place for peace of mind , so stay tuned…