The loyal sack of bones 

  I still remember the first time i saw you like it just happened moments ago. The memories are so fresh that i can still taste the rain on my lips. It is the kind of space in time that will be locked in the infinity. There you were looking so fragile, shaking and drenched to the bones. Well in a way you were indeed a sack of bones but that did not matter because the instant i laid eyes on you i felt that i was somehow connected to you like i have known you before. For a second i had a flash in my mind as if it was a part of a previous life which i had no recall of. It was not a match made in heaven, far from this it seemed that it was a predestined paths of two souls that needed to not complete without eachother but rather to uplift one another. Without wasting a moment i picked you up and held you under my jacket. And there i was, this young man with his black skinny puppy going home on a Christmas Eve. 
The best gift ever.