Insights of Hope.

A lot of times i have heard people calling each other stupid because the other happens to have hope and this got me thinking. Why such a reaction? I have come to the conclusion that perhaps people are afraid of hoping because they are afraid of disappointments. They like to play it safe and do not wish to have their spirit crushed by not getting what they hoped for.

On the other hand, isn’t it just a way of holding ourselves back ? I believe it is, because if you do not have hopes, it is very hard to move forward. Expectations are what drives us to progress. You want something, you work for it then you hope it happens as reward of what you have worked for. But if we do not have hope then what are we working for ? We are just being stagnant and waiting to be carried in whichever direction the wind blows.

If we are to live such a life, we will certainly not get anywhere for ourselves, instead we will he getting to other people’s destination and be part of someone else’s hope. There is nothing wrong in playing a role in another person’s achievement, it is great and very noble to give a helping hand but one the other hand, from time to time we should have hopes of our own and let others be part of it.

That way we both get to be on both sides of the equation and it will be more balanced rather than being one sided at all times. What i am trying to say is do not hold back on your hopes just because of fear or simply to avoid being disappointed. You have to put yourself out there, sometimes it will work out good and other times not so good. Either way keep going and keep hoping for without hope we are definitely setting ourselves for the best disappointment that can be, which is letting ourselves down.




Laval Andy Alain


To make a living versus to live.

One of the primary our primary goal nowadays is to make a living, which means to find a job and build a career and earn a decent salary so we can live. It is the direct impact of us living in a totally material and capitalist world. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with that provided we are satisfied with what we are doing and we live comfortable. That is we are able to satisfy our basic needs and some of our endless wants, which will translate into some kind of happiness for most of us.

However, what i have a problem getting along with, is the fact that people are so much focus on building a career and making money that they forget the basics of living. Yes, there is a difference in those two. Being alive only doesn’t define living, if we are not having enough time to be at ease and at peace. Money is a great thing,very true, without it we would hardly survive in this world because nobody will come along to hand u a stash of cash for free.

My point is, as much as it is important to make a living, it is even more important to live while doing so. It’s not about being busy or having to work too much because we cannot meet the ends but it is about making the most of our existence. In my opinion, a person should have time to rest, have time to think, be able to spend  time with your family or loved ones and most importantly, have time with oneself. Get to know oneself and feel comfortable with ourselves and own company.

So, do not spend all of your time chasing money, only to find out that you are now reaching your retirement and you realize, you are divorced, your kids hate you because you were not there for them and you are alone in an empty house. Only then you are going to take your lump sum to go on a cruise or that vacation which you planned twenty years ago. Take a breather, find time to do little things that will keep you going daily and also love.

Time doesn’t wait and nothing around you will wait for you to be free, instead you have to free yourself so that you can do what matters the most. Do not sacrifice your life at the expense of making a living because at the end of the journey, you will not be remembered for your title or position or how much money you made because your position would have been filled, you money will not bring time back.

Spend time and make memories which will last forever and that is far much more important than making a living.

Life is all about memories, not a title.


Laval Andy Alain


Lost in yourself.

Have you ever felt like you are stuck somewhere but yet you cannot identify the place? Everything around you is gloomy and faded. Life has lost it’s essence and all is just dark. Even in the brightest and clearest sky, all you can see is dark grey clouds. Despite this melancholy, you try your best to stay afloat and yet it is barely enough to catch a breath. Every single time you try to inhale, your nose is blocked and you choke. Every time you open your eyes, there is this darkness that blind you.

Yet you keep trying to figure out where you are so that you can find your way out. You hear that voice telling you that everything is alright but when you look around all you see is despair.Now you are even more lost in this unknown place because of the confusion. How can all be well when you do not feel well? Your bloated stomach from your lost of appetite. You are thirty but don’t feel like drinking. Living has seem to become a task which requires so much effort.

You keep wondering what you have done wrong to have reached this state.How did you manage to reach this point? So many questions that keep adding to the list of unanswered ones.”Where am i? ” you constantly ask.

There you are trapped in a body, lost in yourself. You have lost control and you are a passenger in your own car. Looks like it is on autopilot but you can see that if that keep going in the same direction, you will crash and you are just unable to take control back. Stuck in the passenger seat, hypnotized by all this sadness that has crawled its way into your deepest core, you feel like a lost cause as all your cries for help have remained unanswered.

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The law of negativity.

The concept of law of negativity is pretty simple and straightforward. It is such a powerful law that once we step into it we get swallowed deeper within and if we do not recognize the pattern we may not be able to get out of it. It will drain you and pull you down the spiral of misery.

You may have already experienced it, once you start having negative thoughts,more will keep coming  as if they are  breeding in your mind. Likewise if you have a problem and focus on the problem, there seem to be no way out but if instead you try to find a solution, things somehow work itself out. So to say, negative thinking only breeds negative thinking and negative actions.

Nothing good has and ever will come out of negativity because negativity will absorb everything around it if allowed to. Therefore, in order to deal with it we must definitely start at the root, that is through our thoughts, once you get a negative thought,you should imperatively shift to something pleasant even if it’s not related to the subject you are dealing with. That way you stop the proliferation of the negative energy towards you.

Eventually, from that perspective there will be a change in the chemistry of your brain and quality of thoughts will rise. You will start feeling less miserable and once you feel better, you see clearer.Long story short, my point is to be aware of your thoughts and whenever you realize that you are being drifted into some negative vibes, you simply have to break the pattern.

It sounds easy but it is not so easy, don’t beat yourself about it, you need practice to master it. So get started today by paying attention to your thoughts. They say Rome was not built in one day, i will tell you that a beautiful mind is not build with just one thought. Start now and embellish your mind i can guarantee you that you will enjoy the results.

Much love, peace and blessings to you.

With Respect,


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Twist of faith.

Just when i was about to give up, you showed up. It was unclear at first as i was lost in the mist of my own pain. I was blurred by the residues of the past commitments that had gone to waste. I was behind that mask where all my feelings were a total chaos.
Just when i was about to give up on love, i saw something like a dove. I thought it was a dream but when i checked it was all true. There was my chance again to grab, but i didn’t know if i had the courage to risk getting hurt again. I am barely healed, i am still bleeding, the envelope that contains the memories of that past was barely sealed.
But it was that break i have been longing for. It was that salvation i have been praying for. So i will gladly and surely take the chance to do better this time even if it means risking getting hurt again.

Believe in yourself.

Fact is we live in a world where everyone is competing with just each and everyone or everything.Competition has blinded our eyes with greed that we are ready to do just about anything to see others fail without realizing that sometimes this is what set us to fail in the first place.

Do not let greed blind yourself so that you forget that you are to be nurtured and taken care of.Stay focus and remember that at the end of the day you are your best competitor and that being said, your performance depends on how much you invest and bet on yourself.

Like it is often said: put your money where your mouth is.

Me i say: put your focus and money on yourself because after all your mouth is with you isn’t it?

You have to believe in yourself when others are doubting you.

Believe in yourself when others are trying to bring you down.

Believe in yourself when nothing is working.

Believe in yourself because you know your worth. 

Believe in yourself because only you can do that like no one else.

Always believe in your own strength and capacity to rise under all circumstances.

You have that power deep inside of you waiting to be awakened only by self belief.

I believe in you as much as i believe in myself.

Now it’s your turn..

Start believing in you.


Defeat the enemy within 

Before engaging yourself on any journey, the first step is to defeat the enemy within yourself. If you consider yourself as your best ally, i believe you should know that you are your worst enemy too. After all we say keep your friends close but your enemies closer. So i know we always hide the worst parts of ourselves and thus it can be hard to find him/her.Once you have destroyed that internal enemy you will be truly unstoppable to reach your highest potential because their will be no one to talk you out of anything you wish to do.

Good luck on your hunt.


I woke up tired but went to bed fired up.

I woke up tired but i went to bed fired up. Many people face the problem of waking up being tired. This is due to many reasons, such as poor alimentation, not enough sleep , uncomfortable sleeping position or not enough hydration. I even face that problem too but to me no matter how i wake up, i make sure that i go to bed at night in a great mood. It is always a choice to decide how your day will be. Some will spend their days complaining about how bad they slept and let this affect their whole day. Poor productivity, shouting at others for no reason as if it is a must to spread the bad vibes around.

For me, whenever i wake up not feeling so great, i find something to cheer me up more than other days. I either exercise, watch something funny, have a good laugh, read a good book or article or have a great conversation. I make sure to be around cheerful people so i uplift myself and consequently i make sure i have a great day and go to bed at night excited and eager for the next day.

It is alw a choice. What are you gonna do?


Celebrations !! ☄🍾🎉🎈

Hi everyone,

I hope that you are all doing great and having an awesome weekend.

My Sunday is amazing and it’s a total blissful fun day. I’m happy because i have reached 500 followers!!!!

Yess!! We are growing together and i love it when the family gets bigger. I feel my vibes being spread further and futher and it is so satisfying and gratifying. I have to thanks each and everyone for embarking on this journey with me. It’s a real adventure to me and each day is a total surprise because i feel excited about each post.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen. I wish you a great Sunday and let’s all have an amazing time together.

Drinks on me!!!



Stay connected to your inner child.

Hi there! Hope you are all doing great. Today i want to put emphasis on our inner child. What it means to be connected with our inner child. Do you remember your childhood when you were full of curiosity? When the world was a playground full of excitement and new experience? When you just connected with people from the vibes they gave you or when you didn’t pass judgment? 

Well you see children have some wisdom that we tend to overlook. Their innocence is their power. And to be able to stay connected to that is to explore the world with a child’s eyes and find out endless possibilities. Children have big dreams and they do not care about the road ahead. This is such a powerful tool if one knows how to access it.

Watching my daughter I learn daily that human relationships are what matters the most and everyday is just a new experience.

I leave you to that for some thoughts while you recall some of your childhood memories.