Twist of faith.

Just when i was about to give up, you showed up. It was unclear at first as i was lost in the mist of my own pain. I was blurred by the residues of the past commitments that had gone to waste. I was behind that mask where all my feelings were a total chaos.
Just when i was about to give up on love, i saw something like a dove. I thought it was a dream but when i checked it was all true. There was my chance again to grab, but i didn’t know if i had the courage to risk getting hurt again. I am barely healed, i am still bleeding, the envelope that contains the memories of that past was barely sealed.
But it was that break i have been longing for. It was that salvation i have been praying for. So i will gladly and surely take the chance to do better this time even if it means risking getting hurt again.


Believe in yourself.

Fact is we live in a world where everyone is competing with just each and everyone or everything.Competition has blinded our eyes with greed that we are ready to do just about anything to see others fail without realizing that sometimes this is what set us to fail in the first place.

Do not let greed blind yourself so that you forget that you are to be nurtured and taken care of.Stay focus and remember that at the end of the day you are your best competitor and that being said, your performance depends on how much you invest and bet on yourself.

Like it is often said: put your money where your mouth is.

Me i say: put your focus and money on yourself because after all your mouth is with you isn’t it?

You have to believe in yourself when others are doubting you.

Believe in yourself when others are trying to bring you down.

Believe in yourself when nothing is working.

Believe in yourself because you know your worth. 

Believe in yourself because only you can do that like no one else.

Always believe in your own strength and capacity to rise under all circumstances.

You have that power deep inside of you waiting to be awakened only by self belief.

I believe in you as much as i believe in myself.

Now it’s your turn..

Start believing in you.


Feb 6

Time and circumstances may have broken you. Love may have hurt you and all those may have made you fall into several pieces. The thing is there can’t be more than one of you. Broken pieces will keep moving away and you will be drifting apart from your true self thus making it harder for you to attain your true potential.Reconcile with all those broken pieces and be one again because it is in this oneness that you will find everything you need to do whatever you want. There won’t be any conflict or confusion.

Strength is unity.

Remember your body is made up of billions of unit cells working together as one. Whenever they don’t synchronize you fall sick. So take all the pieces and put back together, may there be no living in the past or worries of the future but only cherishing the now.

Get yourself back to wholeness.



Feb 4

At all times in whatever state you may be, whatever you may be thinking, whatever plan you may be making. Make it your missing to be in a state of love, to think about love and to act out of love.I love you!



I can’t make you love me.


I am sorry, i can’t make you love me when you don’t. I may do everything to please you, give you everything i have, i may even sell my soul for you but still you will not love me if you don’t. I have gone through this a million times and i end up in the same place, that lonely station where i am just with myself standing in a large field of despair, longing for you to appear in the mist just to tell me that it’s all okay.

I finally understood that all the pain that i am putting myself in, will never even catch a glimpse of your heart. So i just gave up on you and focused on me because, i know that i will always be there for me. I did not stop loving you but i searched for you in me and i love me instead. I am loving myself so hard that i will do anything for me. That is why i let go of you because it was chocking me and holding me back.

Now that i am free from all this, the tables have turned and i feel like the poker player with a good hand of cards, i do not have a poker face on but still i am taking the chance on me, win or lose i know i can only win.


Andyology vibes.

image source: Google.