The law of negativity.

The concept of law of negativity is pretty simple and straightforward. It is such a powerful law that once we step into it we get swallowed deeper within and if we do not recognize the pattern we may not be able to get out of it. It will drain you and pull you down the spiral of misery.

You may have already experienced it, once you start having negative thoughts,more will keep coming  as if they are  breeding in your mind. Likewise if you have a problem and focus on the problem, there seem to be no way out but if instead you try to find a solution, things somehow work itself out. So to say, negative thinking only breeds negative thinking and negative actions.

Nothing good has and ever will come out of negativity because negativity will absorb everything around it if allowed to. Therefore, in order to deal with it we must definitely start at the root, that is through our thoughts, once you get a negative thought,you should imperatively shift to something pleasant even if it’s not related to the subject you are dealing with. That way you stop the proliferation of the negative energy towards you.

Eventually, from that perspective there will be a change in the chemistry of your brain and quality of thoughts will rise. You will start feeling less miserable and once you feel better, you see clearer.Long story short, my point is to be aware of your thoughts and whenever you realize that you are being drifted into some negative vibes, you simply have to break the pattern.

It sounds easy but it is not so easy, don’t beat yourself about it, you need practice to master it. So get started today by paying attention to your thoughts. They say Rome was not built in one day, i will tell you that a beautiful mind is not build with just one thought. Start now and embellish your mind i can guarantee you that you will enjoy the results.

Much love, peace and blessings to you.

With Respect,


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I will succeed and you can too.

I will succeed because i will build my empire brick by brick with my own sweat and blood. That passion burns deep inside of me and i do not do it for fame or money, i do it because that’s what make me feel good. To write and share insights with others, to create and bring my imagination to others is my moment of bliss. Obviously not everyone will understand, like or share the same views but i know out there that there are many people who would love it too.

I simply believe in myself, in my craft and in the power of words. I will keep pushing day in and day out, rise everytime i fall and learn along the process. Its a long road but that’s the road i am willing to take.

On this note i would like to announce that my book Andyology  will soon be published and available worldwide.

I hope you grab a copy and walk this journey with me.

Love you all!