The law of negativity.

The concept of law of negativity is pretty simple and straightforward. It is such a powerful law that once we step into it we get swallowed deeper within and if we do not recognize the pattern we may not be able to get out of it. It will drain you and pull you down the spiral of misery.

You may have already experienced it, once you start having negative thoughts,more will keep coming  as if they are  breeding in your mind. Likewise if you have a problem and focus on the problem, there seem to be no way out but if instead you try to find a solution, things somehow work itself out. So to say, negative thinking only breeds negative thinking and negative actions.

Nothing good has and ever will come out of negativity because negativity will absorb everything around it if allowed to. Therefore, in order to deal with it we must definitely start at the root, that is through our thoughts, once you get a negative thought,you should imperatively shift to something pleasant even if it’s not related to the subject you are dealing with. That way you stop the proliferation of the negative energy towards you.

Eventually, from that perspective there will be a change in the chemistry of your brain and quality of thoughts will rise. You will start feeling less miserable and once you feel better, you see clearer.Long story short, my point is to be aware of your thoughts and whenever you realize that you are being drifted into some negative vibes, you simply have to break the pattern.

It sounds easy but it is not so easy, don’t beat yourself about it, you need practice to master it. So get started today by paying attention to your thoughts. They say Rome was not built in one day, i will tell you that a beautiful mind is not build with just one thought. Start now and embellish your mind i can guarantee you that you will enjoy the results.

Much love, peace and blessings to you.

With Respect,


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More than just a kiss.

There she was, mesmerized by the soft touch of his lips on hers. It was unexpected but it was certainly the turn of events she had been dreaming of.

She was Caught by surprise because she didn’t know her dreams would materialize.
The caress of his fast breaths on her skin felt like the first fall of snow flakes. Cold and soft yet refreshing.
There was a moment of endless silence as time stood still, the seconds were prolonged into eternity. But deep inside feelings were boiling vigorously as magma on the verge of eruption.
All she could do was close her eyes and let herself be carried away into the depts of her deeply buried desires which she had been trying to hide and yet had been raging to emerge at the first chance. Thats was it..
Surely a moment to be remembered..
A kiss is never just a kiss..
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Written by L.A Alain.

Dare to dream.

Dare to dream.

In this realm you have to dare to dream, let you be guided by your heart and let your imagination show you the reality you want to create. No dream is too big or too small. If you want it you will get it. 12 years ago on this day i embrarked on a wonderful experience which many thought impossible but i made it. Now it’s time to close the chapter and open a new one. Much bigger much greater with much more purpose and drive. It’s about growing and serving humanity with love. With me it’s always a love story.

Being a cardiologist i am always fascinated by the heart. After mastering the physiology and pathology of the heart, i’m set to conquer the emotional part and spread my words worldwide. I won’t stop till that best seller is out.

Let’s all embark on this journey.

Ps: what do you dream of?



Let it be..

  The best words that i woke up with today and yet so small but so deep, let it all be because everything is okay, all is well. We are in that place where we exactly need to be and it’s a work in progress. This life is just amazing with all it brings us every single day at every moment. Why bother to worry and think too much !
Let the love flow, even you don’t feel it just let it get to you, stop looking, it’s already there and once you start going out there looking for it you change your destination and it will take longer to find you. Stay still and chill and let it all be, let it come to you and just be there coz you are in the exact place where it’s meant to be delivered.

 L.A Alain