Challenge your limits.

Hi everyone, hope you guys are having a great time. I just wanted to reflect a little on challenges that we all face in our lifetime. Challenge is that part of growing. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and we tend to limit our challenges by staying in our comfort zone and by doing so we limit our growth. One thing we can do to enhance growth is to challenge our limits and keep pushing our boundaries, that will give us a bigger field of action and it is a sort of freedom as well.

Have a great morning/evening.



The solution 

Greetings world,

How are you today?

As we all know very often we complain that we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It comes in different circumstances and yet whenever faced with blockages or obstacles we get stuck. One of the reasons is because very often people refuse to see the problem in the first place. We refuse to accept that perhaps we are at fault. A lot of times the answer to all the questions reside in the recognition of the problems. This happens more often when we are at fault, it’s true we are perfect as a being but it’s also true that at times we make mistakes and we have to grow through them as well as move towards improvement.

Don’t let your ego stop you from being the best you can be.



Stay connected to your inner child.

Hi there! Hope you are all doing great. Today i want to put emphasis on our inner child. What it means to be connected with our inner child. Do you remember your childhood when you were full of curiosity? When the world was a playground full of excitement and new experience? When you just connected with people from the vibes they gave you or when you didn’t pass judgment? 

Well you see children have some wisdom that we tend to overlook. Their innocence is their power. And to be able to stay connected to that is to explore the world with a child’s eyes and find out endless possibilities. Children have big dreams and they do not care about the road ahead. This is such a powerful tool if one knows how to access it.

Watching my daughter I learn daily that human relationships are what matters the most and everyday is just a new experience.

I leave you to that for some thoughts while you recall some of your childhood memories.